5 Clean Tech Startups to know in Singapore

With an expected growth of global market size from US$2.3 trillion in 2012 to about US$5 trillion in 2025, clean technology is the next area of growth that the Singapore’s government seeks to nurture. However, high capital investment upfront and years of experimenting often puts off investors. Nonetheless, a successful endeavor can help solve one of the most pressing problem facing humanity. Below is a list of 5 cleantech startups that might be interesting to know:

1. Third Wave Power


After winning the Most Eco-friendly Start-up, TechVenture 2011, the startup has continue to grow and has created an updated version of their portable solar energy charger, mPowerpad 2. This device allows people to charge their devices anywhere on Earth, as long as the sun rays reaches them. Other functions includes a reading light, flashlight, SOS signal, radio and ultrasonic insect repellant. This modern-day equivalent of the Swiss-knife, can serve the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, as well as help to support rural areas with little or unstable electricity supply.

2. Green Koncepts


Founded in 2008, Green Koncepts has been using cloud technology to enable businesses to track, monitor and optimize their energy consumption to achieve cost-savings. In 2014, it successfully raised an undisclosed sum of funding from Juniper Capital Ventures and other private investors. Green Koncepts has also taken part in the trials for innovative technologies in Jurong Lake District for the Smart Nation projects, deploying sensors to gather information such as lighting and human traffic conditions.

3. Omega Solar

Screenshot 2015-03-31 17.51.40

Conventional crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells become less efficient as they get hotter, which is a tricky issue in hot and sunny Singapore. But Omega Solar claims to be able to cool the cells’ temperature with its recented patented T-PV hybrid technology, which helps to increase the peak electrical energy output by up to 30 per cent compared to a conventional solar panel. It is now one of the six companies chosen by the JTCSPRING to test-bed their new sustainable technologies and solutions.

4. Sun Electric

Screenshot 2015-03-31 18.20.06

Claiming to be Singapore’s first clean energy retailer, Sun Electric does not seem to be fully operational yet. But it is also among one of the six companies to be chosen by the JTCSPRING Grant Call, so it would be wise to keep a lookout for them in the future.

5. Transkinect


Proclaiming to be able to generate electricity by harnessing the lost kinetic energy when vehicles de-accelerate or brake, Transkinect has patented Movnetic, a Smart Hump which could be used in car parks, on the roads and toll gates to generate electricity for installers or users. They would be seeking to commercialize it in 2015, and I am intrigue by what kind of results they will get.

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